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Let me tell you how this whole “blogging thing” feels to me.

I have had at least a few attempts at blogging. None of them is there online to be seen however. I have pulled them down from the Internet for fear that:

“Someone might actually read what I have written” (yeah..)

and, even more scarying:

“What if someone actually finds out, that it has been me [I mean “me” as a “real-life person”] who has written all this and what would they think of me then?!”

So all in all I have remained in the blogging closet so far. There were times when I have dipped my big toe in the blogging pool. But I have withrawn from it very quickly and hid even deeper in the closet..

I have archived (most) of my blogging attempts in off-line files. There is however one blog that is still online and to which I contribute regularly. It’s marked as “private” and noone except for me has access to it.

(Or at least I hope so. Yeah, I know that nowadays in the times of the PRISM, NSA etc. this hope seems laughable, but for now let's assume, that only I have access to it.)

I don’t know exactly how but an idea has come to me at one point:

“Why not to publish this “private” blog?”

I mean, I could remove the (most) sensitive data and jump right into the blogging pool.

And you know what I have realised?

No one would actually care.

I don’t know about you, but this feeling seems awfully familiar to me.. I don’t know, maybe such situations have happend to me before.. That I was putting so much attention to something, concentrating so much how would it be seen, what would people react etc.

This whole process makes me realise also, that blogging is not a piece of cake. To write concisely and entertainingly, to communicate your idea clearly, to draw your readers attention, to engage them.. That’s all very, very difficult actually! I see it exactly now, while writing this post..

As I read this post the way I have written it so far I feel that I have communicated to you what I wanted to say.. but not like 100%. It might be even less than 90%. I would estimate, that it around 60%. So there would still be like 40% left to go. So I should save this post as a draft, work on it some more later and then publish it.

But I think that I will publish this post as-is.

I feel that I have taken a small step towards something important. I hope that you stay with me on this journey. You are most warmly welcome to do so 🙂