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When I started bullowisco I told myself I will stop blogging privately and put my every post on bullowisco instead.

Well, that didn’t come true.

Yesterday I have posted a private post on my private blog. Darn me, I lied. Yeah, too bad.. But I thought I’d use that as an inspiration for a post for bullowisco. So here goes.

You must know that everything that happens here and on all my connected accounts is a kind of experiment. I’ve set up this account and all those other accounts just to see how they interconnect and how you can get “social” with all of them.

However, this experiment has one critically important assumption. The idea is that I do not expose my real identity. Because I keep asking myself this question:

If I knew that everyone knew who I really am would I still share all this that I write?

I keep asking myself this question and I still cannot answer that.

I must say that I get kind of lost in all those assumptions and identities and I have a feeling that I cannot fully express what I really mean. I do not 100% know what I really want to tell you so I do not expect you to understand.

Strangely enough, I also have this feeling in my real life. I do not have this feeling (that much at least) when I blog privately. I suppose it is because there is no real audience there, just me talking to myself (kind of) and in that case I do not have to bother so much about understanding. Because deep inside me I know what I mean and what I want to communicate. I am just not that good (yet) in putting it through to others. Maybe I will get better at it.

A few times while writing this post I wanted to delete it because I didn’t have a feeling it really (i.e. in 100%) conveys what I wanted to say. But since I’ve said that I am not even sure what I really want to say (i.e. what this 100% would really be) and that maybe “this is better than nothing” then I publish this post as it is. I still hope you enjoy reading this and.. Well, I do not think or hope that you can relate, but if there is anything you want to share or add please feel free to comment.