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Maybe I just worry too much.. Trying to impress you all here.. Trying to come up with some kind of “super content”.. Content so good, that after reading it, you would go into some kind of coma because that was the best stuff that you have ever read. You would go like:

“OMG, I do not want to, I do not need to read anything else in my life.. My life is now complete..”.

Yeah.. That would be nice..


Half of you followers are just “social-bots” anyway..

Will I ever try to monetize on my blog..? Don’t think so..

Don’t expect anything FROM you, because I do not expect anything FROM myself.. So.. Just enjoy your time here.. Grab a cold one.. Or some whiskey..

This blog is still breathing. That’s good. That’s impressive. That’s nice. And I manage not to swear. Perfect.