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As I feel this project is slowly dying I will utilize a note that maybe should have been published here as a first/welcome note.

I do it mainly for two reasons (I think):

  1. I do not have anything other to write about (kind of, not going into too much detail)
  2. As I said, this note was prepared to be published here first, but in the end it was not. So now it is stored in a file on my hard drive. And as this project started with a different note something should be done with the note that has not been used in the end.. But just to annihilate it would be a shame, because I’ve put some effort into it afterall.. So.. Yeah, that’s the second reason I publish it here..

These are the reasons. And here comes the note. I hope you will all feel welcome and invited to this blog again!

(if it actually stays alive, that is)

Last attempt at blogging

This is my last attempt at blogging. Seriously. I have taken so many so far that any extra beyond this one will simply kill me.

As this is my last shot I will give it all I can. Mainly I will curtail the swear words. This might have been the main reason that have put people off my blogs so far. Maybe. Who knows.
I have decided to blog in English despite the fact that this is not my native language. So apologies for any strange language structures, bizarre vocabulary etc. etc. There might be some lingual “carbon copies” from my native language and/or some structures that I think are used in English, but in reality they are not. Well, it may happen. But I think that the way I write mirrors the way I think. Or at least I think so.

So after these first few thoughts should come some more. The plot should develop. But what really happens is that I don’t know what I really want to tell you. So I just finish abruptly with a bleak hope that this “cliffhanger” will somehow chain you to this blog and you will come here for more.

It’s worth a shot, ain’t it..?