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No new followers or likes after the last post..?

C’mon you guys.. I worked really hard on the last post..

Kind of..

Well, ok, maybe not.

But still..

Nah, I’m just kidding. I really shouldn’t expect anything “out of” my blogging. Not from the level I’m at.

I mean, in comparison for example with this blog http://virtuesofaltruism.wordpress.com/

I know blogging is not about comparing who is on what level.. How would you measure such level anyway? By the number of followers? By the humber of likes? Isn’t blogging like art, where you cannot compare which art piece is “better” than the other? Sure, you can say that one piece of art is more expensive than the other (by means of prices on auctions or something) and then use it as an estimate/approximation, that one “art” is better than the other.. But is it really meaningful? Does that really make sense?

Could/should say more maybe.. But I will just leave this at that for the moment..

Your thoughts?