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This blog/blogging thing obviously isn’t working for me.

Yeah, but if you don’t know what your goal is how can you measure if you are getting closer to it or not? I.e.: what is working in bringing you closer to your goal and what is not.


Would like to move this blog/some other blogs to wordpress.org. I don’t know if that’s how it’s called. I mean I would like to have this blog on a separate server, where I could mess with the code and the stuff like that a bit. However, first I would like to try it out on a local server (sorry, I really don’t know all this lingo) i.e. to have a copy on my computer and then start from that.

But I can’t seem to find a real guide for dummies. All I have found is throwing me more or less directly into the deep end of the pool.

Would anyone of you recommend some guide or would like to share their experiences with moving their blog from wp.com to wp.org? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!