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My blogs are thriving!

Well, no, not really.

Beautiful young woman jumping on  a green meadow with a colored tissue

At least not this one.

But my other blog(s) [or Soup(s), to be precise.. actually especially Soup(s)..] are thriving.. At least with the amount of content that is put up there.. (dunno if it actually is high-quality content, tough..)

I just came up with an idea: maybe I should put all the content I put there and on my G+ account (I actually hate G+, but for example all my YouTube comments go straight there, which I kinda like) HERE (or a similar place). And that way I would attract more people.. (is that the goal of it all, actually..?).

I would have to do it in English, but from the technical perspective it’s not a problem..

Good idea..? Bad idea..? Hmm..?

And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention

– Talking Heads “(Nothing but) Flowers”