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On a Sunday morning a took a walk to the nearby park. When I was passing a building housing students of a local university I saw the following “grafitti” on the wall:

Usmiechaj sie

“Keep smiling” – 😉

I couldn’t resist taking picture of it and so I did.

Some time later I’ve decided to share this photo on my Facebook profile. I opened the photo, looked at it and said: “Wait a minute.. This doesn’t look like the grafitti that I saw.. I mean it IS the grafitti I saw but.. It doesn’t look like it..” I felt that the colors were too bleak in comparison to what I have remembered.. So I have decided to to edit this photo up a little bit. I used the editing software, that came with my phone, so nothing fancy, but I have managed to come up with something like this:

Usmiechaj sie 2

I said to myself: “That’s more like it..”.

But this whole situation made me think: have I done the right thing? I was always against editing photos in any way. I thought that the editing somehow “disturbs” the reality, that has been captured by the camera. But on the other hand my feeling that the original photo was “not right”, too bleak etc. was “right” too. But then I thought, that it is only my feeling that changes my perception of the situation. I mean, what if I was in a bad mood on that Sunday morning and this “Keep smiling” grafitti resonated with my mood in this exact way, that I perceived it as quite ironic and in-your-face and not this cosy-and-warm-although-it-cold-outside kind of way..?

The answer to all these questions is probably somewhere inbetween. In some cases it is probably ok to edit your photos up a little bit, so they reflect better what you saw, to convey better what you want to say with a particular photo. But you have to remember, that other people can do the same in exactly the same way. That the may want to distort the reality in order to achive what they want or need (e.g. sell their product etc.). I’m reffering here in particular to those supermodel super-edited pictures, that they don’t have much in common with “reality” anymore..

An example of what I’m saying you can find in this video (and other like this one, they are now quite common):

Or these super-fancy photos of the cars, like:


Is it real?

I mean, how much reality is still there? BTW, this kind of stuff can be rendered entirely digitally. So it means that this particular car may have never existed in that particular place. It may be totally virtual. But yet we tend to think about it in real terms. Is it ok? Is it normal?

All this questions I ask are because I have this very inquisitive nature. I want to find out “what is really there”? What does it all boil down to? But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe there is no such thing as “objective” truth? Or is there??

I have touched here upon many aspects and questions that go through my brain. I might have tried to structer them better, try and find way to come up with some conclusions..

Yeah, maybe.

But let’s leave it at that at the moment.

I wish you all a very safe and productive day.