(a picture of soap/cheese dazu.. Because warum the hell nicht..?)

(oh, BTW, I do not remember putting this last post here, this “Uśmiechnij się” stuff. I really don’t remember putting it here. Which is kind of strange, because that post seems fairly.. how should I put it.. serious.. involved.. etc. .. It looks like I gave a sh.. Which I thought I don’t do anymore, in a long time.. Well.. Surprises, surprises..)

Welll, anywayzzzzzz… As I was saying..:

It’s not easy having a blog

.. even a rudimentary comic blog or whatever.. (vide distpia.pl (dist(y)pia) etc.)

I mean, having a blog might be easy, but maintaining it, making something useful of it.. Now, that’s something completely different..

Ok, not going to go into much detail (right now), because, as I said.. etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda..

Luv u all, heh heh heh..

Do you feel involved enough (to interact with me etc.)? (More on that soon (maybe)).