(Hey hey hey (kids)! This is some old post, which I have drafted here some long time ago.. When I still had faith, that this blog will be something MOAR.. (he he he) The "Next Big Thing" etc. etc. etc. It was when I still cared.. Well, it kind of went downhill from there.. He he he.. It funny in a way.. Or tragic.. If it's tragic then it makes it even more funny.. etc. etc. etc. etc.
 BTW, the following video comes up to my mind, he he he:

(BTW, this computer is really way way too slow.. Didn't seem to bother me, when I had lots of time.. During the time of my dolcefareniente.. Anyways, it's partially why I make some cleaning up here etc. etc. etc.))

I would like to thank all the people who has followed my blog and liked my posts so far. I must admit that it’s feels very rewarding and encourages me to struggle on with writing this blog.

(ha ha ha.. lo ho ho.. aaaawwwwww.. XD XD XD)

In my earlier post I argued that the number of likes or follows is actually not a very good measure for a blog’s value. But I see myself falling into this trap of wanting more likes and follows.


However, I cannot resist a thought that wanting more of this “public affection” requires you to fulfill the audience’s needs and fitting their tastes. But am I writing for the audience or for myself? If I were to write something that would not be popular with the readers and may prompt them to withdraw their “follows” (“I cancel my sub(scription)”) would I still write it or would I give in to their demands and not write it?

I would say that it doesn’t make sense to uphold your thought just because someone might not like them. But on the other hand we do not share all our thoughts with everyone. Basically what I am driving at is that there seems to be some sort of frontier out there. I just have kind of a problem setting or seeing where it exactly is.

Do you have that kind of problem? Do you limit yourself while sharing your thoughts? Where and how do you set your frontier?

(meh.. this post is not that bad, all in all.. it's not great.. but after some polishing it could pass as "meh.." ;-)
ok, not gonna spend much more time here.. gotta move on..)