Ok, this might be the last post here.. Or at least the last post for a very long time.. Just kind of “cleaning up my closet” (like Eminem) etc. etc. .. Don’t want to go into too much detail right now..


Yeah, there is only one little problem.. This post was originally written in Polish.. But I don’t feel like translating it right now..

Well, I could just “sum it up” with this sentce I found searching for the image(s) for this post, going like this:

Uncle Google is like that scary older relative that your mum warns you about hanging around with, but you do anyway because he knows almost everything..

Something something more probably, but I’ve copied just that much. Anywayz, that kind of sums up nicely what I wanted to say..


Since I hate “throwing food away” (yeah yeah yeah..) I’ve decided, that I will just run my Polish text through Google Translate (oh, the irony..) and serve it to you in that form.. Yeah, I know that it will be krap, but.. yeah, ok.. here goes (ok, with some corrections.. that much I can do..):

Uncle Google is watching you

Google is like the uncle, who knows us well. But the uncle needs to live off something. Therefore, from time to time he is trying to sell us something. So in a sense he is trying to utilize us. But dont’t we utilize uncle Google every day? We do it every day and repeatedly, even not thinking much about it. Because what else are all our questions, etc. We use his mail. His maps. His video collection. Sure, we can unsubscribe from all this, if we do not want to be exploited. But can we really do without the help of good old uncle? Do we really tend to give up all that he offers us daily?

(this translation is actually not that bad after all.. if I’d spend some more time with it.. Hmmm! :D)

Sure, collecting too much information and power in one hand always raises a temptation of corruption. Power corrupts. Large power (absolute?) corrupts even more (absolutely?).
Therefore, we occasionally use other services (?) (Eg Panorama Firm).

(ugh…. that’s a little self-propaganda.. or to be precise that “was going to be” (??) some self propaganda.. which in the mean time has come true..

was I high when I wrote this…?)

(this image with moustachio guy)
(image of Uncle Sam)

(just one of the two (the other one is as “featured image), here goes:)

stalin google

Is it really something wrong, that Uncle Google if he “sees” somewhere that we are expecting an offspring will offer us to buy a child stroller? And why would we not take advantage of the offer someone who was smart enough to advertise us and present us their offer of strollers? Of course, we do not have to buy what we are persistently shown in advertising. Hence also the great development of all forms of non-direct advertising (blogs, video channels, content marketing (? what is it really?).

(yeah, and here the note drops, kind of abruptly.. but it really not that bad, not that bad at all.. he he he he he.. I almost start to give sh.. about all this again……. Oh, I’m so touched…… :D)

And that concludes kind of our last (so far.. but probably the last (but who knows..)) series of posts.. No long farewells.. Just a simple: goodbye and see you some time again maybe.. MUAH! 🙂