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Hello. Today my name is Michael Zachodny (Michael West) and I’m a great connoisseur of football.

Brasil kicked Colombia and threw off her mask


Only moments was Brazil thrilling the audience with their game – except the two set pieces, some action in the first half and shot Neymar. In memory are also desperate clearance from inside his own half, the brutal fouls on James Rodríguez and try to win their second at the end of each meeting. After the previous World Cup matches already knew about the “Canarinhos” quite a lot, about the size of their not accusing, but today we know the limit of sacrifice to which they are prepared to go to the hosts.

Brazil finally threw off the mask. It is no longer the face of Neymar, who dryblingami and key administrations previously saved the image – today’s most spectacular play was transfused to a few meters after a collision with the Colombians. It is no longer the face of Oscar, the second of the few creative players in the team Scolari, because even on the second half looking for mainly upper rows of the stands, than colleagues in a better position.

Scolari’s men limit themselves to a single beautiful kicks – literally, because enough of their three play: cross Neymar, matters worse Silva’s free kick Luiza. However, the plan for Colombia was not to show his own quality, but stłamszenie the ball. Rodriguez and Cuadrado were injured after six times, and Fernandinho had incredible luck that finished this game. In part, this is understandable – Scolari is best aware of the limitations of their choice of representation. We have already exhibited at the World Cup on Ramires in the role of wingman, rather decreasing pool of creativity. Nerves also give him, yet at the pre-match conference unfavorable already sent him to hell journalists.

You can also say that we have already seen many similar performances in club football, which did not differ from the faulującej, digging into the stands Brazil. Probably trainers for Jose Mourinho’s starting and ending Diego Simeone would accept and understand such tactics, just to have the desired result. Mundial has long rubbed behind the offensive impression of freedom and joy of the group stage, in 1/8 finals showing a defensive deadlock, and now the only goals from set pieces.

Is this style of Brazil is the price that came to pay Scolariemu for achieving the sole legitimate aim? Championship but it seems distant, or at least this tactic can equally fate “Canarinhos” harm, which today has helped. Thiago Silva knocking Ospina tried to avoid the counterattack and in the semi-finals will not play, Neymar is a victim of exchange of blows, he began his colleagues – and yet suffered all of them. With Germany rather we will see similar specs on their part, but the representation of Europe’s much harder to caught up in the chaos of individual action, kicks and big nerves.

, World Cup whining? Sooner trend that began after Louis van Gaal, abandoning the Dutch style of play to a more defensive and limited system with five defenders. Even against Chile Brazil recorded the lowest percentage of accuracy applications at the world championships since 1966. Another limit was the number 31 fouls, recalling a meeting with the Netherlands, 1974 in Dortmund, where “Canarinhos” Total Football tried to kick, ending the game at ten. With the possible absence of Neymar can be expected that the Brazilians trench in his own penalty area, rarely going out for half of the ball.

Wrest the championship may ultimately prove to be a challenge beyond the skills of Brazilians, but for their fans today’s match should be a consolation. While on penalties to Chile were worried that the winners are crying too much of weakness in the world today goes a completely different message. If the bone is in a foul break, it will not Brazilian. Legs nobody will stop. In the event of such a failure only Brazil can count on forgiveness nation.

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Brazylia skopała Kolumbię i zrzuciła maskę

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If today’s quarter-finals are any indication of what we can expect from Saturday’s two games, we should be in pretty moment from Brazil in 2014. Today we saw Germany edge France 1-0 in a Mats Hummels header, and hosts Brazil followed suit hit Colombia 2-1 thanks to two goals from their central defenders.

Today’s result sets up the first semi-final, which takes place on Tuesday, July 8 at Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Germany battle for a place in the final. The other semifinal decided after tomorrow’s action, which sees Argentina battle Belgium and Netherlands clash with Costa Rica.

As usual, we will have the latest build-up for tomorrow’s two games, overnight reaction from Friday’s two games and of course LIVE minute by minute coverage of Brasilia and Salvador in our global Stadium. We invite you to #joinin the biggest conversation in the world on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which are all part of our World Cup social hub.

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Brazil beats Colombia 2-1

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