1. Quit (recreational, but still..) smoking.
  2. Yoga.
  3. Healthy eating.

(somehow, after all, I realise that I dun’t like the “featured image” feature so much.. So no banana this time (“I’m a BA NA NA..”))

(Howevur, the pic goes here:)


Anywuyz, wut I wunted too tell yoo.. I’m setting this post to publish @ Jan 1st, 2015 as-it-is-now (as-is).

Bikoz.. dlatego, że, ponieważ. I ch.

Bla bla bla.. Nagrywalem swoim BlackBerry Bold bla bla bla.. (“Ale ch mnie to obchodzi, panie, ch mnie to obchodzi..!!”)

If everything went correctly, it’s Jan 1, 2015 now and most of you problably look something like this:


Dobra, ch. Paaaa..