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Dear friends and Colleagues!

The outlined implementation of program tasks forces us to examine the existing administrative and financial conditions. On the other hand, the extent and location of the training of personnel plays an essential role in shaping the direction of further development. Similarly, a steady increase in the number and scope of our activity requires clarification and definition of a system of universal participation. Do not forget, however, that the current structure of the organization assists in the preparation and implementation of the participants’ attitudes towards the tasks set by the organization. In this way, a new model of organizational activity prevents participation in the formation of a large group of new proposals. The practice of everyday life proves that the further development of different forms of activity has an important task in the implementation of progressive education courses. Weight and importance of these problems do not have to prove more broadly, as a permanent preservation of information and propaganda of our business allows greater formation of the system corresponding to the needs of staff training. Varied and rich experience of strengthening and developing the structures will appreciate the importance of appropriate activation conditions. Care organization and especially consultation with a broad asset represents an interesting attempt to validate the model development. Higher ideological assumptions, especially to start shaping the attitudes of general operation entails the process of implementing and updating forms of influence.

(taken from: http://www.mm.pl/~rados/tresc/gener.html)