Here is a short text to tell you, why I won’t be playin’ DEAD SPACE afterall. Please read and enjoy.

It woos planned as a kind of a list.. This idea is probably already totally destroyed, but let’s try this anyway.

Wai I wont be plain’ DED SPEJS afterall

  1. It is not as cool as I thought it would be.
  2. It is not as scary as I thought it would be (well, there are of course jump scare moments but blah blah blah….)
  3. There is no mystery, everything is known from the very beginning, but the game tries to convince you, that there is something deeper etc. etc. (or sth like that).
  4. Controls are really awkward somehow.
  5. Ragdoll physics are over the top (or whatevr you wanna call it).
  6. It’s kinda old, really.. (I didn’t think that that would be a problem, but…… yeah, somehow it is).
  7. Voice acting voos kind of stoopid actually.
  8. Yeah, if I would concentrate I would probably find sth else here..
  9. .. here..
  10. .. and here.

I kood publeesh here more, dis, dat and everyting etc. etc.

But tat’s probably a different story.

Wish you all g’nite……