Today (obviously) voos a (winter) solstice (przesilenie (zimowe) in Polish if anyone wonders).

(I thought it was tomorrow, but anyvayyzz..)

It means the sun has reached it’s lowest point in the north (or something) and now the days will get longer (again).

Sooo it’s a good moment to start something new (or something).

If you need any symbolic point to do so (start sth new or whatever).

So if you wanna do it, then do it. (As you could in any other given time point but whatevz).

This post voos supposed to be more wypasiony etc. but yest jak yest and chooy.

Whish you luck in anything you do or start to do today or any other day.

Good luck. No, seriously, I mean: good luck. Go guy/girl go.

Luvz, R.